To establish a powerful national nonprofit record label that works with at-risk youth to create broadcast quality recordings with positive messages which are socially conscious, inspiring, and impactful.


Every young person is exposed to and engaged with current music that promotes, inspires and celebrates positive images and actions.




positive messaging 


musical integrity 


high quality service


in achieving our goals


What is a non-profit record label?


Future Youth Records (FYR) was borne from a disruptive and innovative idea – to transform today’s music media targeted to youth, which is full of negative, degrading and violent messages, to inspiring and uplifting music made by and for youth. 

Founder and Executive Director, Jason Wall, has enjoyed a long and successful career as a professional drummer. In the early 2000’s, he wanted to give back to young budding musicians and found Sound Wall Music Camps. There he worked with and mentored kids in music and discovered just how destructive the music industry had become. Many of the kids didn’t feel there was a place for them in popular music and for good reason. What Jason unveiled was disturbing - instead of an industry that celebrates creativity and originality as it did when he was an up and coming musician, it had been replaced by a handful of faux artists, regurgitating the same songs, and that were funded and promoted by record companies out for profits. 

It was this realization that fueled the creation of Future Youth Records, a nonprofit record label to support young musicians in producing original music. This idea evolved when a staff member at Mission Girls reached out to ask if Future Youth Records could provide a music program for a group of girls having a tough time in their life. Jason developed an 8-week program from his vast experience working with youth, providing the youth the opportunity to use songwriting as a channel to express and process their emotions and experiences. The program not only helped the girls overcome some serious life issues, it also exposed Jason to the type of music they were listening to - lyrics and videos full of substance abuse, degradation of women, unhealthy sexual situations, and violence. So, it was through this pilot program that FYR began focusing itself on positive messaging. Future Youth Records believes (and research supports) that if youth are exposed to and identify with harmful messages and images long enough, they are much more likely to act out what they see and hear, putting them at great risk.  Today Future Youth Records has created a movement to serve kids healthy, nutritious music that nourishes their minds and hearts, much like we have advocated to serve them healthy, nutritious foods that nourish their bodies.