The V.I.N.Y.L. Program is a high-impact songwriting program designed to help youth turn their often-complex thoughts and feelings into inspiring, empowering music.

Young people are inundated everyday with music and videos that promote harmful behavior such as violence, substance use, and misogyny. Research overwhelmingly shows that youth are likely to act on what they see and hear; therefore, continued exposure puts them at great risk. Our program supports youth in developing healthy attitudes and perceptions through writing about socially conscious, inspiring, and impactful themes.

“Mission Girls Services is extremely thankful for the partnership with Future Youth Records. These girls have been through so much that it can be hard to break down the walls they have built. Through this partnership, they were able to break down those walls and build empowerment in hearing their own voices”. - Susana Rojas, Program Director Mission Girls Services

Over the course of several weeks, participants will work in groups under the direction of renowned musicians to write and record original music within a chosen theme. All sessions take place inside of a professional recording studio where they will have access to world-class equipment & engineers. Once the songs are written and recorded, FYR will complete the production and provide the youth agency with digital copies.

Here's what partners and participants have to say...

“I loved working in the studio, it was fun, exciting and a new learning experience, an experience anyone would be lucky to have. I was grateful to be working with people who were able to help me get the ideas out, which is usually very hard for me, I always feel like my ideas are not good enough.”
Mariah (age 17)
“The staff were nice and supportive. Working in the studio was intimidating at first since it was my first time being in a professional studio. As time went on, I got used to the atmosphere and it was fun learning the musical aspects of everyone. I believe that the media we are creating will have a positive impact on the community, to counteract the negative media out there. ”
Vy (age 16)
The process of creating a song was fascinating. It's my first time doing work in the studio and being able to contribute made me feel great. Today, music really does influence a lot of young people, and in many occasions, a lot of choices made by young people are influenced by music that they listen to, so a song with a positive message will affect the minds of teenagers.”
Hao Lin (age 17)

For more information about the V.I.N.Y.L. Program contact Steve Pellinacci at stevep@futureyouthrecords.org