Most people have their own vision for how they want the world look and ideas on how to get it there.  Some like me are even crazy enough to try and take their vision one step further and turn it into something tangible. This, I have learned, is no easy task to say the least. What’s more— should you be lucky enough for your vision to get off the ground—imagine the challenges to keep it going and growing. No pressure here! But thankfully we have people that believe in us and in our vision. They also make big sacrifices to support us and on occasion even talk us off the proverbial ledge. If we step out of our massive egos we realize that our visions really don’t come from our mind but from a much deeper energy. These are the reasons why I will never take credit as the sole “visionary” behind FYR but rather wish to share credit with these people and all of the known & unknown energy that is truly responsible for making FYR come to “life” and will ultimately help it sustain.

One of the biggest challenges I have faced in getting FYR off the ground was with communication. How do you explain things that are invisible or do not exist yet? How do you answer questions that have no answer? How do you “sell” people on an idea where there is nothing to compare? How do you explain to people why you are creating a business involving kids within a complicated, corrupt industry? I bet you can imagine all the stammering, “ums”, “likes”, “uhhs”, “you knows” that came out of my mouth in an attempt to explain a deep knowing with words that I did not know to use.  Now add in the intensity of a boxer mixed with passion so powerful that speech comes out a million miles an hour. Once again, no pressure—these conversations only involved some of the most brightest, accomplished people in the world with some being recorded for all to hear.

The good news is that all things are as they should be all the time. In truth is peace. So as FYR is now officially off the ground I can take off the boxing gloves, celebrate, have peace and settle into my role as Executive Director while learning how to talk again. Oh ya… and also reinvent the music industry.