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The VINYL Program supports youth in developing healthy attitudes and perceptions through writing about socially conscious themes which inspire their peers and communities.

Young people are inundated everyday with music and videos that promote harmful behavior such as violence, substance use, and misogyny. Research overwhelmingly shows that youth are likely to act on what they see and hear; therefore, continued exposure puts them at great risk.

“Mission Girls Services is extremely thankful for the partnership with Future Youth Records. These girls have been through so much that it can be hard to break down the walls they have built. Through this partnership, they were able to break down those walls and build empowerment in hearing their own voices”. Susana Rojas, Program Director Mission Girls Services

Think Women

Think Women is a powerful social action campaign underneath the VINYL Program umbrella. Girls work with world renowned musicians to write and record songs around the topic of women’s empowerment.

Think Women is a powerful social action campaign powered by girls to promote the empowerment and positive self-image of women in music.

think women campaign future youth records in the studio

Here's what partners and participants have to say...
“The girls had so many stories to share, and right away they connected on a deeper level. Each of the girls was pulling for each other. They had shouldered the responsibility of creating music that would empower young women and to change the harmful stereotypes of women that are too often portrayed in music.”
Peter Bell, Director of Shelter and Transitional Housing Program - Wind Youth Services

“I’m really happy that I got to meet people who can uplift me and I can uplift them. It’s like I made new family."
(age 15) - Participant

"It's humbling and overwhelming to see this many young women come together. You can tell from the beginning they didn't feel how they feel now. This is one of the best opportunities I've ever had."
(age 19) - Participant

For more information about the V.I.N.Y.L. Program contact info@futureyouthrecords.org