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VINYL Programs

Mission Girls: Female Empowerment

Our first song with the SF Mission Girls is almost complete!

Song production for our first project in partnership with Mission Girls Services is well underway, and the results have been astounding thus far! There were so many special moments during the songwriting process, like when 13-year old Eliseana (pictured) sang publicly for the first time and blew all of us away with her voice. Through this project, Eliseana learned she could sing, and now she hopes to pursue singing further!

Planning for the music video has begun!

The girls have completed a storyboard for the music video, working with acclaimed director Justin D. Herman. These girls are focused and have incredibly powerful ideas about how they want to see themselves and other young women portrayed. Production of the music video is made possible by a $10,000 grant from the Department on the Status of Women - a division of the San Francisco Mayor's office. 

Song Preview "Sneak Peek"!

Future Youth Records will be providing preview and "sneak peek" opportunities of the song for a select few folks who subscribe to our newsletter, so don't miss out - SUBSCRIBE NOW!

Pacifica: Substance Abuse Prevention

We've kicked off our second VINYL Media Program targeting Substance Abuse Prevention!
Our second media project, with a new partner organization and group of kids, began on June 12 with song writing and recording at Studio Trilogy!  FYR is working in partnership with Mary Bier, the Pacifica Collaborative, and the Jefferson Union High School District to help youth in Pacifica bring awareness to the growing epidemic of underage substance abuse in their community.  In 2013, Mary and her affiliates completed a study that produced some very alarming statistics.  It’s no coincidence that the highest numbers of use were in social environments when you consider that much of today’s music portrays and glorifies substance use in party atmospheres.

The Pacifica Program

The Pacifica Program

Latest News at FYR

Growing Future Youth Records (FYR)!

FYR is currently developing its first strategic business plan with nonprofit consultant, Nancy Ragey.  Her tremendous experience and expertise will help guide FYR through the next three years of growth and development. This plan is made possible through a $35,000 grant from the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Food for thought...

In the week of July 18, 2015 the top 15 out of 20 songs on Billboard's HOT R&B/Hip Hop chart featured music and videos targeted at youth that are demeaning to women, promoted drugs & alcohol use and/or promoted sex and violent behavior.
Abuse is not art.
At FYR, we will feature music and videos that celebrate & empower young women, promote the health & well being of our nation’s youth, reference compassion and consciousness, and depict young people as our future leaders. We invite you to contribute to our cause, and we thank you for your continued support!